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Knitted and Knotted

Artist and designer of hand knitted collectible rock and metal figures, plus other imaginative creations.

Made from acrylic/acrylic mix yarns and stuffed with Hi-Loft polyester filling.

Rock and Metal figures are approx 19 to 23cm tall. .

Price range generally £27 -£55/ $39-$77USD/ 33-66Euros. Many more designs available, custom orders made.

Knits are not CE tested as they are not toys.

Based in Suffolk, UK

Dave Grohl,
height approx 20cm
Alice Cooper,
height approx 20cm,
Adam Ant Highway Man,
height approx 21cm,
Roy Wood,
height approx 21cm,
Ozzy Osbourne,
height approx 20cm,
height approx 21cm,
Dee Snider,
height approx 20cm,


Artist and Designer
Knitter of Rock and Metal.